Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rang De Basanti


The entire audience in the theatre stood up and gave a round of applause in the end.

I won't say anything more. I want each and everyone of you all to go and watch it and come back and put your thoughts and views here.

Right now my head has a thousand words to write about this movie, but I am gonna keep it to myself for a while till you all watch it yourselves. Its much better if you watch it without knowing anything about the movie before, like I did.
Right now all I wanna do is propagate this movie and encourage as many people as possible to go and watch it.

C'mon...good movies aren't made often!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Lonesome & Dejected

Sometimes in life, you don't get things that you've worked hard for. To top it, you are also deprived of the company and comfort of loved ones at the same time.
Dont even have the enthu to write anything...feeling dead inside.

As I write this, I am turning positive a bit. I am long would this last?...every dark nite has a dawn!

See..blogging helps!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blaring horns & Blinding high-beams...

...the two threats I have for my life while I am riding/driving on the road. Is there something I can do about these two hazards? Is there some Bhai out there who takes supari to kill these two enimies of mine? Can someone help make my travel safe?
If someday you find this blog still and unedited for a long time, you can be assured that I've fallen prey to one of these monsters.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Sweet, juicy, succulent, tasty treat – Sugarcane it is!
The sight of carts carrying long black sugarcane bars on the roads sure cheers me up and makes my mouth water. I invariably end up buying one or two pieces for myself, they are so cheap too! On one such day I did a flashback into the past and figured that this yummy snack has kept me company since my childhood and continues to do so wherever I go.

First it was the sugarcane juice that I used to have regularly in Hyderabad, on the way back home from school. Occasionally dad used to get the green canes home and mom would clean and dice them into small cubes for us to snack on. Later in my 8th-9th of school years, we happened to shift to a tiny village in AP where Sugarcane was the primary crop. Bam… the cane entered our daily diet. I saw the various forms sugarcane took to get into the market. There is the ever popular juice and the cane, then there is Jaggery at different stages and color and texture. I particularly remember the thick syrup taken out before the final stages of jaggery making. There were a number of sweet treats created with that syrup. It tastes yummy with idli too :).
Aah… those memories...passing through the roads in a rikshaw with sugar cane fields on both sides...the smells of the jaggery making...the sweet treats...hmm feeling nostalgic.

Come college life and voila!...sugarcane again! It was the hot favorite among all the hostel girls. Every evening the cart was allowed to get inside the gate and all of us would flock around it and choose the best ones to buy. Later we’d all gather in a room each with a cane and a dustbin and chat for hours while enjoying the sugarcane. End of the day, the central dustbin of the hostel would be filled with the sugarcane trash and the maids would crib to hell.
Its here that I learnt how to process and eat the sugarcane - pull out the outer skin using your teeth...then break them into pieces...again with teeth! Lucky I never broke any tooth ;-). I infact found this way more enjoyable than eating preprocessed cubes or cutting with a sickle.
Went to a whole new state - Gujarat...and the sugarcane shows up there too! Am I lucky or what ! Well wasn't so easy to eat the hard cane, so I satisfied myself with the juice.

Bangalore; now its two of us who enjoy the cane regularly - my husband and I :). Successfully passed on to him, the art of eating sugarcane. Also, we regularly visit the sugarcane juice stall on 'double road' under the flyover. They've got the best juice I've ever had and whats more ?...its clean and hygienic! The dash of ginger and lemon makes all the difference to the sweet juice.

The sugarcane affair continues...hopefully passing through generations. I won't be surprised if in future my great grand daughter blogs about it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Aaja Khaja

ha ha ha ha
thats the name of a restuarant newly opened on BTM road.
the sign board cracks me up every evening on my way back home..
he he he

Monday, January 09, 2006


I had the worst one this Sunday with all the drinking I did on Saturday nite. Wanted to celebrate belated New Years Eve with friends at my place and ended up flushing a lot of alcohol down the throat and a bit of tobacco into the lungs...thanks to the lovely hukka my friends brought over.

We did have a lot of fun. My hangover stunts kept them entertained till late in the 4am. And again they entertained me the next morning telling me all that I did ... which by the way, I had no recollection of. Boy ... was that fun!

All that fun lasted till friends were around and till the alcohol controlled my brain. Once they left, the real trouble started. I guess my body experienced a deep trauma with what I did to it. I am not sure if my kidneys are functioning or not. Seems like the brain is painfully trying to restore the connection with the rest of the body. The entire sunday was spent lying on the bed...nauseous and heavy.

I think i am gonna faint even if I just think of drinks.
Bye bye booze ... for a long long time.