Friday, November 03, 2006

New Addition

I have finally got my new Food Blog up and running.
Please do visit.


At 11/03/2006 3:56 AM, Blogger samatha said...

Hey Supee!! Your food blog is one of the best blogs I've surfed recently da. The best part - i cud get some low cal food recipes :)

At 11/03/2006 4:34 AM, Blogger Hyperbole said...

Why don't you have multiple authors for the food blog? I can contribute to the cocktails/martini section :-)

At 11/03/2006 4:45 AM, Blogger Tweety said...

@Sammu: Thanks di. Will post more!
@Krish: Hey lets do it. I'd love that!

At 11/04/2006 12:53 AM, Blogger Vels said...

Hey... count me too. I know 25 different ways to do Maggi. Latest being Sambhar Maggi.

At 11/05/2006 6:51 AM, Blogger Arul Prasad said...

What I like the most is the amount of effort you put in clicking those pictures for the posts.



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