Thursday, December 22, 2005

Small light in the dark

Today I hapenned to read Nimish Adani's blog about the incident where he was treated brutally by the railway officials and then misled by police. I am very sorry for whatever hapenned to him and I totally appreciate his courage and endurance in bringing this to light.

Well, we all know its a bad world out there. Thanks to the info age, we all get to know all the bad things happening and we end up becoming paranoid day by day. But... there are few good things out there too. Its only human that we tend to make a hue and cry when something bad happens, but when something good happens, we don’t seem to propagate it enough. So, lemme narrate the incident that made me feel good about the police, as against the impression most of us have about them.

I will try to wrap it up in short.
This happened around 2 years back. There was a burglary at my home in HSR Layout and we had lost jewellery and electronic goods worth more than a lakh. Please dont ask me why I had so much jewellery at home and not in a bank locker. Its a stupid long story which I don’t intend to bore you with now.
After the theft happened that night police came home with sniff dogs and tried to trace the thief, took complaint from us, estimated the loss, and asked us to go to madivala police station and submit some papers the next day. All that went fine.
We did all that just as formality and didn’t have any hope of getting the stuff back ever. We were depressed for a while and cursed ourselves and our bad luck. After a few months, we got over the incident and went on with our lives. We moved into a new house, our mobile number changed due to some problem, my husband's office moved to a new location etc. We never bothered to inform these changes to the police as we never thought it would be of any use.
6 months later, we get a call from a police station in Banaswadi. The thief was caught in that area and with the help of the records, they could figure out that he was the one who stole our stuff and a few others'. So whatever loot was seized from him was distributed among all the people whose houses he had broken into. We got gold worth 25-30K.
Now my point here is - the police guys could have easily kept the stuff with them and not handover to us. They didnt even have any valid contact info of ours. But still they made all the efforts to trace us and made sure that we got our share.
I definitely commend their act, specially in the times when corruption is all over the place and when its very tempting to grab some easy money.While its sad that incidents like Nimish's strengthen the negative image that our police department has, there are also some good things they do out there, only not loud enough.


I am not vetty, I have lots of work to do, but whats going on with me? Why am I coming to this page every now and then? I have spent so much time on my blog this week. You can see what I did there...the pic, the clock, the links et al. Why would I want to call this a mania? Here's why-I am up at 2 in the morning for preparing for some presentation, and in that crunch time also I get to this page and start looking at what more I can do here. Can you believe it!?!... Its like I am hypnotically drawn to it.
OMG, I just realized I am being hijacked from my work even at this moment. Last I remember I was doing some testing that has to be submitted in an hour, I guess that is when the mania struck me again and now I am back to my senses. This has to stop!
Well, since anyways I typed all this down, I might as well publish it ;-)

But this OTTA STOP !

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Before pouring my heart out here, first I would confess my guilt. I know all I would do here is to type on the computer sitting in the comfort of my home and do nothing solid to help eradicate these evils from the world... or from the city to be precise. Whenever I get to know of such happenings, my blood boils and I am filled with lots of thoughts, but I know its all of no use. I don’t want to give any excuses for me not going out and doing something. Its plain and simple - I just don’t get my butt out there to do something.

Ok let me come back to what exactly I am talking about. Its about the news that I read today which put me once again in the spin of mixed emotions - anger, sympathy, frustration and everything. The headline of TOI today is "Murder Shocks BPO City". While I was reading on, I couldn’t stop imagine the condition of the poor girl while she was going through the monstrous behavior of the cab driver and finally ended up in death a ditch. Aaarrggghhh I just wished that I was just dreaming and that this wasn’t real.

What an irony. Just today morning I was reading some articles in Femina where women said that Bangalore is a safe place compared to the other metros. And late in the afternoon I got to see the newspaper and the shocking news stared in my face. Why do these guys do it? I really cant understand why do people just go all the way to ruin the good things that happen in life. I do believe that the upspring of BPOs and call centers would have brought in jobs for a lot of people including these cab service providers and the drivers. Why cant they be happy with it? Why does someone have to do such a gory thing and spoil their life and other people's lives?

I really
dont feel hanging a rapist to death is the ideal punishment. Death sentence does not justify the crime that the person committed by raping a girl. I strongly feel there should be a much cruel punishment for such people. Right now my mind is screaming that the person should be tortured in all possible ways till he dies naturally. Something like burning parts of his skin everyday with red hot iron bars. Then let the wounds not heal by pricking them with needles every one hour. People can suggest more on this kind of sadistic punishments. My husband says the rapist's thing should be cut off without even anesthesia and let him out in the world - Cut off the source of the crime. And I kinda agree with him. The criminal should suffer each and every minute of the rest of his life for committing such a sin. I really hope the Govt. passes such a law. Not only does it let the criminal suffer for what he did, but it also would bring jitters to the future rapists in the making. Every guy should get scared to death before even he could think of raping a girl. I think this is the only solution to prevent further rapes in the world.

Nothing can replace the pain the girl would have gone through while taking her last breath. Nothing can replace the husband's and the parents' grief. All I can pray for is "may her soul rest in peace".