Sunday, October 01, 2006

Latest craze

A few days back Vels told me about this song Newyork Nagaram, and at first when I heard it, I did not like it. And like most of the time, I have grown a liking to it only after listening to the song after quite somet time. Later I discovered the other song from the same movie which is also quite addictive. Here are the two:

NewYork Nagaram

Munbe vaa en anbe vaa

And here's the trailor which is making me wanna go and watch the movie right away, although I wouldn't get a word of that language :-)

By the way, did I mention before...I got this huge crush on this Surya guy (without moush ofcourse)...Sigh! he married someone who I'd call an Idly (out of Jealousy). I gotta admit she looked slimmer in that Newyork song.

Anyways, like all the previous crazes I had, this one also has to fade...the question is when. Lemme wait and see.


At 10/02/2006 11:19 PM, Blogger phreakv6 said...

the movie is soooo crappy.. trust me, you will feel like killing yourself twice over.

At 10/03/2006 12:10 AM, Blogger Tweety said...

Oh, then thanks for the headsup Tom. I will enjoy just the songs :)


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