Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ultimate Scrap

All those who Orkut would know by now about those infamous scraps 'will you fraensip with me' ;). Fortunately I haven't had many such. But...just now I got a mail(thru orkut) instead of a scrap from a certain stranger A. It totally cracked me up and I had to post it right away :))
Check it out:

note: I have changed the name and the mail ids of the person. Lemme know if you want it ;)


How are you? Its me, A, 27 , single basically from chennai now working in Oracle corporation, bangalore. I joined Oracle blr this feb, previously I was working with infosys, chennai for abouot 3 yrs. I got an opportunity to work in Oracle that too in cool bangalore climate.Iam earning as much as I required to enjoy the life.My parents are well settled in chennai. I have one brother and one sister. Here in bangalore iam staying alone in jayanagar 4th block in a good independent house. So iam happy to enter into bangalore with all your blessings.After i came here i realised that i wasted all these days in hot climate chennai, but now lucky and happy to be bangalorian again with all your blessings.Shortly saying iam happy in allways with gods grace. But I have only one weekneess in me, where most young guys facing this problem, yes its a girl weekness in me. Generally I would like to mingle with girls, will be too friendly, jovial and fun loving guy.

My hobbies are surfing , chatting, swimming, treaking and iam a cool, easy , jolly ,friendly and of course naughty and fun loving guy.I got to see your profile in Orkut and hence this mail.When i was in chennai thru indiatimes dating,yahoo profiles ids, i got in to touch with girl friends and had a nice time with them by going to beaches, icecream parlours, coffee days, long drive on my dream car Honda city.I dont hv much friends from bangalore as compare to chennai.If you are intrested in me, we shall be friends n you can contact me at a@yahoo.com n my yahoo chat id is a_oracle . I DONT WANT TO WASTE MY TIME just for searching and chasing girls, i dont like it too. But once we get in touch and got to know each other then i can spend some good time with you to entertain you.My policy is enjoy the life safely without affecting our regular works and without hurting any one. So work while work and enjoy the life as it comes.
Hope you will like my friendship.
Waiting to hear from you..
Smile Always becuase it cost nothing :)

Wasn't that fun!

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ooo La La Wonder La

1. Went there with the team.
2. My second time, first being just within a week of its opening.
3. Totally impressed by the well maintained place, clean restrooms and well behaved staff.
4. Rides are thrilling and seem to be safe.
5. The water and laser show is a must watch.
6. They even have photos clicked while on the ride and you can purchase them later. Just like how they have in disney.
7. Great attention to detail
8. Food is ok, but very less choice on weekdays.
9. Value for money and you get a fun filled day!
10. Go for it :)


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PVR Cinemas - A Raw Deal (once)

(changed the heading of the post upon reading from comments that it doesn't happen often. But it did happen with me, so am still gonna retain the post)

Yet another crib session.

Just now got a forward from a friend that said about a plan to boycott all the theatres , malls and restaurants in Bangalore by the software guys for a month so as to teach them a lesson not to hike the prices for no reason.
Now this reminded me of something that I wanted to post a few weeks back and forgot. So doing it now.

After my last visit to PVR, I swore not to go there again. Here's why:
I buy tickets for Lage Raho Munnabhai late nite show on a sunday. Price - Rs.180/-. The ticket said the movie starts at 10pm. I was already running late, so I quickly gobbled up my icecream (I got one more crib session on this icecream coming up) standing outside the entrance (they wont let you take outside food inside the theatre) and manage to get in right at 10:05 pm so that I don't miss the start of the movie.
I wait and wait and wait for the movie to start, but all I see is commercials of some goddamn underwears and toothpastes and colas. And the movie finally starts at 10:40 pm. WTH?????
I didn't pay 180 bucks to these fellows to sit and watch commercials, I can do that right at home on TV!!!
First of all I am pissed with the unreasonable prices of the ticket. And to top it, they show me ads!!!!
In Hyd, the ticket costs 60-80 bucks in a posh theatre Prasads. And PVR in Hyd charges 100/-. Then why is it 180/- in Bangalore? Even if they have their own reasons....why the hell does the customer have to watch ads after paying so much?
Me not happy! Me not going there again. Me ain't letting that fella walk all over me!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Share a laugh

Got this one through a mail forward and thought of spreading the laughter around

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Autoraj and Helpless Public

I coined the word Autoraj, like Gundaraj :)

So here's the story. I was riding to office at 10:30 am, a time when traffic is still dense but fairly smooth moving. Near madivala, while I am on the left-most lane, I hear lot of honking suddenly. I turn my head right and see a funny / pathetic scene. Two autos going parallel to each other, the second one just at the end of the first one...get the picture? Now the second auto wala had his leg placed on the first auto. And they both are trying to maintain that by driving slow. No, it't not like one guy is pulling the other. They are just driving in tandem. Some fun stunt for them. The entire road ahead of them is free and there is a huge traffic block in the making behind them, cause the first auto guy occupied half of the middle lane and the second guy took over the first lane. Now how would 4 wheelers go ahead. They honk and honk and nothing pinches these two ridiculous auto fellas.

Since I am on the last lane and on a 2 wheeler, I could go past. While I was riding, this thing was going on in my mind.

Come christ college....what do i see????.... Two more autos in the same stunt. I can tell that they are not the previous auto guys. No kidding! Same day, same funny incident, second time. For a moment I thought, 'is it some kinda festival for auto guys that they do this on that day'. Well, my mind is pretty wacky in imagination, so never mind. This time, their stunt was actually stopping me from moving ahead. So I went a bit near the second auto walla, honk once to get his attention, then move my hand like saying 'Wat's going on'... I can't talk from inside a helmet. This guy starts yelling at me in kannada that I couldn't get anyways. But he did act like a gunda. So I quietly took off from there.

Now tell me....WHAT CAN WE DO?

The so called traffic rules and fines...are they anywhere applicable here? Are there any cops patrolling on the roads to keep a check on such stuff? Would taking the auto number and reporting to some police actually yield any result? I guess NO. Aaarggghhh.

I don't wanna get started on their tampered meters and their whimsical charges. Will save it for some other post.

It's an Autoraj baby!

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Addition

I have finally got my new Food Blog up and running.
Please do visit.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Title These

Title This

Title This

What strikes your mind when you see these pics ? Separately.