Monday, November 28, 2005

Bhoooo :'(

I lost my bike keys :'((((
I remember few days back I parked the dio in my husband's office and put the keys in my bag. Now when I want to take the bike back, I dont find my keys. They are gone from my bag. Also my office cupboard keys are gone. The worst part is, I cant find the duplicate keys of the bike either. I remember that when I bought the bike, I carefully kept the duplicate key somewhere safe. And now my darn mind didnt register that "safe" place.
This is so stupid. I hate it. I hate these kind of mysteries. My husband is trying to be patient right now but I know what is going on in his head. He would be definitely blaming it on the way I maintain my bag. The super organized and a stickler for neatness that I am at home, when it comes to my bag and the closet, I am the worst ever. Its like Monica having a secret dirty closet, I have a cluttered bag and a horrible closet at home. If one opens the front pouch of my bag, they can see a whole world in it. Lipsticks, keys(many types), lip pencils, atm slips, scarf, some old grocery bills (everything except the one important bill that you need sometime), chocolate wrappers (sometimes melted chocolate in them), a wallet, some coins, combs (actually roller which pricked me once or twice when i put the hand in without seeing), etc etc etc.... you name it and its there. From outside its a nice green bag, but who would think what all garbage I am carrying in it. Now my husband's guess (and now mine too) is that sometime while trying to pull out something out of that rubbish sack, the keys would have dropped out.
Bhooooooo....I want my keys back.....pleeeaaaseeeeee....
When I realized this in the morning, I quickly cleaned my bag and organized everything, hoping that God would see my effort and put the keys back in them. But that didnt happen...and same would be the case with the organized bag. It wouldnt stay that way for long. I am sure.
Know what, I know how to make the best out of the worst things...Now I am demanding my husband for a new bag with lots of pouches....eeeahhahahahahaa
And today I found a way to turn the blame on him...I think the main cause is the lack of a good keychain. Everytime I put a new keychain to those keys, he somehow manages to break it. So, since the keys are so small and dont have a keychain, I wouldnt have noticed even if it fell down somewhere.
Ahha! its no more my fault :-) ting ting titing
So what do you learn?...When its impossible to undo something stupid you did, start thinking of ways to blame it on your husband...coz thats possible he he

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Do I really need to blog?

Where the hell does everyone find time to blog yaar! Even if I do get time, I am so damn lazy to type down something over here. Yes, I dont mind typing down loads and loads of crap on someone's chat window, but then, thats an interaction...there is someone on the other end reading (atleast you think they do)...responding etc.
Actually, if I look at it, my mind is never idle, it is full of thoughts all the while, no matter whether they make sense or not. But somehow I cant get my lazy fingers to type it all down. If I were to really note down everything that goes on in my head, the whole of internet space wouldnt be enough to store it. And also I would be a challenge to top psychiatrists in the world....he he.
Wow, I cant believe I typed so much. Good start ! Hope to continue...